Indian Roadmaster LED Light Outfitting Guide

October 14 2021

The Indian Bagger is a worthy competitor in the heavyweight touring segment. Many Roadmaster owners add details to enhance safety for long tours. DENALI LED lighting accessories are a perfect addition to Indian cruisers. Your Indian can be outfitted with LED lighting accessories to add safety, and allow you to see more of the road ahead. Equip your bike with DENALI fog lights, driving lights, DRL daytime running lights and a high intensity brake lights for added attention. Here are some of our most popular products for Indian baggers. Click on the button to shop all products that fit your new Indian Motorcycle. 

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    If you’re serious about playing in the big-inch cruiser game, you need a full-bore touring platform with nothing held back. Every amenity you can imagine needs to be part of that platform, including comfort for two, full weather protection, a throbbing V-twin engine, and weather protection while the interstate stretches out to the horizon. If you’re thinking of American-style touring, your brain just put up a snapshot of the Indian Roadmaster.

    Since Indian reappeared in 2014, its touring platform has only grown. With the Roadmaster, you get the 111-cubic-inch V-twin draped in chrome, a generously sized handlebar-mount fairing with lowers, integrated hard saddlebags with standard top box, and an entertainment system to be the envy of your friends. 

    DENALI offers many ways to improve your Roadmaster’s lighting with LED accessory and driving lights. Start at the headlight by swapping the stock 7-inch unit found on many Roadmaster models for the DENALI M7 DOT-approved LED headlight, which combines separate high- and low-beam LEDs along with a ring halo light for daytime conspicuity. An adapter allows for a direct plug & play with H4 lights, plus there’s an option for “all on,” meaning the low beam stays on with the high beam. Beyond lights, DENALI makes the SoundBomb horn to fit the Indian Chieftain, and you can also fit any of the B6 taillight combinations to bring safety to the Indian’s sleek back end.

    You can also add any of DENALI’s high-intensity LED lights by using a Bar Clamp Driving Light Mount to place the lights on the Roadmaster’s crash bar. Any of the DENALI models will fit here, including the super-powerful round-head D7 to the full-size D4 rectangular unit and the more compact and affordable S4 quad-LED light. Each of these lights has optics tailored for long-distance without sacrificing illumination close to the motorcycle. Many DENALI lights can be fitted with yellow or amber lenses in addition to the standard clear lenses, and each one comes with a complete, professional-looking wiring harness with waterproof connectors and the ability to add dual-level illumination by adding the DataDim module. 

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