Indian Chieftain LED Light Outfitting Guide

October 14 2021

Indian Bagger owners are fond of adding accessories. DENALI LED Lights and accessories are good place to start. Your Indian Chieftain can be decked out with LED lighting accessories to add to your safety, allow you to see more of the road ahead, and help others see you better. Equip your Indian with DENALI fog lights, driving lights, DRL daytime running lights and a high intensity brake lights for added conspicuity. Here are some of our most popular products for Indian tourers and cruisers. Click on the button to shop all products that fit your new Indian Chieftain. 

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    Indian has reemerged from the dustbin of history to claim its rightful place among modern long distance touring machines. The Indian line started with the best sellers in the category: baggers. The Indian Chieftain is the modern bagger in full bloom, with a fork-mounted half fairing, integrated hard saddlebags, acres of chrome, and a big-inch, low-revving torque monster of an engine. Measuring 111 cubic inches, and coming in with a torque peak at just 3100 rpm, makes the name Thunder Stroke seem a bit less like hyperbole and more an accurate description of the engine’s nature.

    Since the 2014 reintroduction of Indian Motorcycles, much has changed, but the Chieftain remains a centerpiece of the lineup. DENALI offers a lineup of LED motorcycle accessory and driving lights to make the Chieftain even more visible on the road and to ensure its rider has the maximum level of confidence during nighttime tours and daily journeys from the home to the office.

    Start with DENALI’s Clamp Mount to place any of the current lights on the Chieftain’s standard crash bars. For maximum nighttime lighting and haze-piercing performance, check the DENALI D7 light, which has seven LEDs in each pod to produce more than 15,000 lumens for the pair. Sometimes that’s too much light (if there is such a thing) and so it’s an easy choice to add the DataDim module to give the D7s dual-level illumination. Choose half level when your Chieftain is on the low beam, but blast out the full force of the D7s when you flick the high beams on. As always, adding dual intensity is a matter of adding the DataDim module and running a wire to the Indian’s high-beam circuit.

    If you want to improve said high and low beam, consider replacing the Chieftain’s stock headlight with the DENALI M7 DOT-approved LED headlight, which combines separate high- and low-beam LEDs along with a ring halo light for daytime conspicuity. A simple adapter set allows for a direct plug&play with H4 lights, plus there’s an option for “all on,” meaning the low beam stays on with the high beam. Beyond lights, DENALI makes the SoundBomb horn to fit the Indian Chieftain, and you can also fit any of the B6 taillight combinations to bring safety to the Indian’s sleek back end.

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