Triumph Thruxton LED Light Outfitting Guide

November 09 2021

The Triumph Thruxton offers cafe racer vintage looks in a modern machine. The addition of DENALI fog lights, brake lights, or daytime running lights is a continuation of that modern slant. DENALI Electronics makes your lighting upgrade project simple. Here are just a few ways to install some of our most popular products on your Thruxton. Click on the button to shop all products that fit your Triumph. 

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Triumph Thruxton

Triumph Thruxton is nothing short of a legendary name. Not only did these bikes help establish the café racer category, they’ve survived multiple discontinuations. The Thruxton may occasionally disappear, but you can always count on it coming back – it’s just that popular.

Triumph, a UK based company, is a legendary and well respected motorcycle company. The company has a rich history tracing back to the early 1900s with their initial motorcycle. The British born motorcycle company has developed some of the greatest handling bikes.

The new 2021 Triumph Thruxton RS is powered by the 1,200cc parallel twin making 103 horsepower to the crank. The 2 cylinder engine is paired to a new refined 6 speed transmission. While the transmission refinements are welcomed the Thruxton isn’t a bike for beginners. However, a seasoned rider will enjoy taking this motorcycle to the canyon because it’s planted thanks to it’s great handling and stability.

The suspension on the 2021 Thruxton RS has fully adjustable Showa Big Piston Forks in the front and fully adjustable Öhlins shocks in the rear which plays a key role in this canyon carving motorcycle. Suspension adjustable is underrated, the ability to dial in your suspension to your heart's content can be a game changer with a bike. The 32 inch seat height and narrow chassis makes it a joy to ride! With a sport oriented bike, you would assume the ride is knee bending and uncomfortable but that is not the case with the new Thruxton. The 2021 Thruxton went on a diet and lost an impressive 13lbs, bringing it down to 480lbs with all fluids. 

The latest Thruxton 1200 and Thruxton 1200 R are the best the line has ever been. But these bikes aren’t for everyone. We’re not saying that like it’s a bad thing, though – it’s just the matter of fact that the punch they pack requires a seasoned rider in the saddle.

The regular Thruxton’s 1200cc Bonneville engine is a real powerhouse that propels the bike’s surprisingly lightweight, 454-pound tubular steel frame down the road at breakneck speed. The Thruxton R ups the ante even further with higher specification brakes, suspension, and tires.

You can’t talk about the Thruxton without mentioning the looks. The bikes are a perfect combination of retro goodness and modern styling sensibilities. Wherever you ride these beasts, people will take notice. But when you’re riding at the speeds the Thruxton is capable of, you have to be able to take notice of any risks as well. DENALI auxiliary motorcycle lights provide you with extra visibility to stay safe on these British beasts.

The Thruxton comes standard with an LED headlight and brake light, but you can always do better. The DENALI M7 headlight slots into the original headline casing, and provides not only twice as much illumination, but also Halo DRL lights for extra visibility. Our B6 Brake Light – with six incredibly bright LEDs – mounts effortlessly on your license plate, meaning you don’t have to ruin your Thruxton’s looks.

We also offer a great variety of mounting options to install driving or ditch lights on your Thruxton, from fender mounts to flush mounts. The DENALI Articulating Bar Clamps grip securely onto any tube or bar. Their rotating mounting shelf makes it easy to angle your choice of lights, such as the 15,000-lumen DENALI D7 Pods, the hybrid D4s, or the more compact, budget-friendly S4s. If you want your lights to turn with your handlebar, the D2 Pods are an ideal option for the Thruxton.

You can complete your visibility package with the T3 Modular Switchback Pods and our DRL Visibility Pods. Oh, and we also offer the 120-decibel DENALI SoundBomb Horn for when your lights just aren’t enough. The SoundBomb is four times louder than your regular bike horn, so if your Thruxton’s looks aren’t enough to turn heads, this thing will do it.

For those looking to take on the canyons with the Thruxton RS, make sure you are visible to oncoming traffic. DENALI has flush-mount DRL pods that can be utilized as auxiliary brake or running lights. They are powerful LED lights that are much brighter than stock, increasing your visibility. Their T3 LED turn signal pods can be flush mounted for a stealthy install. The T3 LED turn signal pods are perfect for increasing visibility in city riding to ensure drivers see you switching lanes.

For those who enjoy a late night cruise DENALI has you covered with their DR1 LED Light kit. Ideal fog lights for night conditions, the overused reflectors provide a great balance of distance and width. Never worry about installation because DENALI has easy to use mounting brackets making installation a breeze. 

Perfect toggle switch for your auxiliary fog lights for any weather, DENALI’s dryseal waterproof switches, are rugged and will withstand whatever you throw at it. They are so impressive they retain functionality even after being fully submerged in water! The waterproof switch comes with handlebar switch mounting bands, as well as an adhesive pad for surface mounting.

DENALI offers every LED light you'll need for any application for your 2021 Triumph Thruxton. DENALI designs lights with Motorists in mind. They offer a wide range of LED Lights and mounts, so finding LED lights that fit your lifestyle won’t be an issue.

The Thruxton already shines in performance and style. With a little help from DENALI, your British beauty will also shine literally to keep you safe on your rides.

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