Triumph Speed Triple LED Light Outfitting Guide

November 09 2021

The Triumph Speed Triple was born to be a hooligan's machine. The distinctive bug-eye headlights and naked sport appearance screamed nonconformity. Add on some DENALI LED lighting accessories like fog lights, brake lights, or daytime running lights for more attention grabbing looks. DENALI Electronics can help you accomplish the task. Here are just a few ways to install some of our most popular products on your Triumph Speed Triple. Click on the button to shop all products that fit your Triumph. 

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Polaris RZR Products

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Triumph Speed Triple Motorcycle

Triumph, a UK based company, is a legendary and well respected motorcycle company.  The company has a rich history tracing back to the early 1900s with their initial motorcycle. While availability in the US has been spotty, since 1995 they have remained consistent.

The new Speed Triple 1200 RS has a 26 percent improved power-to-weight ratio to the old 1050 model. The 2021 Speed Triple power plant is a liquid cooled 1160cc 3 cylinder making 178 horsepower and screams to a 11,150rpm redline. The engine is 15lbs lighter than the old 1050cc engine which is impressive! The engine has a new ignition twin tip spark plug system as well as a new cooling set up.   

The weight saving doesn’t stop at the engine, the chassis is a lighter aluminum and a 60% lighter lithium ion battery. The Speed Triple 1200 RS suspension is relatively stiff but not terrible, you’ll feel the bumps but the handling capabilities make it worth it. This vehicle truly thrives on the smooth track roads as opposed to the brittle street roads. The increased power, lighter set up, and dialed in suspension, makes it a great handling bike that likes to be pushed hard. The tech in the Speed Triple helps keep it planted with a two stage abs system. 

For those who enjoy a late night cruise DENALI has you covered with their DR1 LED Light kit. Ideal for night conditions, the overused reflectors provide a great balance of distance and width. They are a little under 4 inches and with DENALI’s mounts fitment won’t be an issue. 

The D7 LED Lights can be used as flood, or a hybrid light with 15,000 lumens it brings daylight to the darkness. The D7 LED lights are equipped with the ability to increase the intensity with the flip of a switch thanks to DENALI’s plug-and-play dual intensity controller. Are you worried the increased intensity will overheat your lights? DENALI’s LiveActive technology keeps your LEDs cool.

A key component to adding any accessories is a switch to toggle it on and off. DENALI’s dryseal waterproof switches are rugged and will withstand whatever you throw at it, retaining functionality even after being fully submerged in water!

Increasing your visibility to other drivers by adding flush-mount DRL pods as auxiliary brake or running lights. T3 LED turn signal pods can be flush mounted or come as the T3 Switchback Lights stalk mounted, they provide better visibility than stock. 

The Wireless Charging Phone Mount with CANsmart™ connection is a rugged phone charger that mounts on your Triumph Speed Triple, so you can keep on riding! Never let your phone be the reason you stop enjoying your cruise. 

DENALI offers every LED light you'll need for any application for your 2021 Triumph Speed Triple. DENALI designs lights with Motorists in mind. They offer a wide range of LED Lights and mounts, so finding LED lights that fit your lifestyle won’t be an issue.


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