KTM 1090 Adventure LED Light Outfitting Guide

October 14 2021

The KTM 1090 Adventure fits the bill for a big off-road machine with plenty of tarmac touring capabilities. DENALI LED lighting accessories make perfect sense for a bike like the 1090 Adventure. Equip your KTM with DENALI spot lights, fog lights, driving lights, DRL daytime running lights and a high intensity brake lights. Here are some of our most popular products for the KTM 1090. Click on the button to shop all products that fit your new KTM Adventure series. 

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KTM 1090 Adventure

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KTM 1090 Adventure

It would not seem to make sense. With the 1190 Adventure as the original of this generation, and the 1290 Super Adventure as the top end, why would KTM make the 1090 Adventure in the first place? It has everything to do with KTM’s dirt focus. Even though the 1190 Adventure R was an improvement over the regular 1190 Adventure for riders who favored single tracks to highways, sand washes to city streets, there was still room to make an even better big-bore adventure machine. So the 1090 Adventure R it is.

Engineering at KTM is a bit like playing with a limited number of LEGOs. The 1090 Adventure R’s engine was based on the 1190’s but given less displacement and reduced power. However, KTM worked hard on getting weight out of the engine and re-tuning it for the best possible power delivery where you need it most—smooth off the bottom and strong in the middle. If there’s such a thing as a perfect liter-sized dirtbike engine, this may be it. KTM, of course, fitted dirt-ready wheels, 21 inches up front, 18 in the back, for the best choices in both dual-use tires and real-deal knobbies.

The LEGO idea helps us at DENALI, too, since the bike shares much with the other KTM Adventure models that we’ve spooled up for. For example, there’s CANsmart, a CAN bus-tapping accessory controller that manages four independent, definable circuits through the KTM’s existing handlebar switches. Turn the lights on and off, and make fine adjustments to their intensities through CANsmart, but you can also key those lights to the bike’s stock high beam so they can be run brighter with the high beams on; flash to pass, where the lights pulse after you blip the high-beam switch; cancel with turnsignal, which turns off the corresponding auxiliary light when you turn on your turn signal.

Moreover, DENALI has a collection of bike-specific LED light mounts for the 1090 Adventure, including one that bolts right to the stock fairing without the need for any modifications. There’s also a special horn mount that puts a powerful SoundBomb horn where it’s totally out of the way but easily heard. The KTM 1090 Adventure is also a good candidate for DENALI’s other conspicuity products, from the DRL lights that can be mounted to the fender to the T3 Modular Switchback Signal Pods.

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