Aprilia Tuono V4 1100 LED Light Outfitting Guide

November 09 2021

The Aprilia Tuono Naked Standard offers so much to the rider. And DENALI LED accessory lighting can be fitted to the Tuono for more visibility of the road ahead and to help others see you better. Equip your Aprilia with DENALI fog lights, driving lights, DRL daytime running lights and a high intensity brake lights for added conspicuity and safety! Here are some of our most popular products for the Tuono. Click on the button to shop all products that fit your new Aprilia. 

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Aprilia Tuono 1100

It comes from a small Italian motorcycle company. No, not that one; this is Aprilia. It has a race-ready V-four engine. No, not that one; Aprilia actually had a V-4 to market before Ducati. And it combines a supersport chassis with a comfortable, use-every-day riding position. No, not that one; Aprilia did the first Tuono back in 2003, long before the first Streetfighter. Noale for the win!

Aprilia has built the Tuono legend from the bones of the RSV and, currently, the RSV4, with its mighty narrow-angle V-4 engine, aluminum chassis, race-ready suspension, and state-of-the-art electronics including multi-level traction control with wheelie mitigation. Say that 10 times fast.

More than the RSV4, though, the Tuono has a real-world bent to it, thanks to, uh, not having to bend into the RSV4’s track-oriented riding position. Like the original Tuono, the 1100 has an upright riding position that’s better for real roads and real riding, whether that’s a daily commute to the office (we’re definitely taking the long way there) or a weekend ride across to the next state. The Aprilia Tuono is a surprisingly versatile motorcycle considering its racetrack pedigree.

And, like so many other supersports, we can make it better, at least in terms of seeing and being seen. Pick up one of DENALI’s Articulating Clamp Mounts for the inverted front fork, and add your choice of DENALI LED motorcycle light, from the massively powerful D7 to the D4, or the newest S4 quad-LED driving light. Since aesthetics are important on a naked bike, you’ll appreciate DENALI’s attention to detail on the light enclosures, the sturdy anodized mounts, and especially the top-class wiring harnesses with DrySeal submersible waterproof connectors and fully vinyl sheathing. If you’re more concerned about aesthetics, consider the DENALI DRL—daytime running light—options that can be mounted to the Ape’s front fender or even tucked into the radiator surround. Match the front-facing DRLs with DENALI’s innovative B6 brake light, which keeps those behind you from staring at your Tuono’s shapely rear end and paying attention to what you’re doing.

It’s not like the Tuono’s melodically raspy V-four isn’t potent sounding enough, it’s possible it won’t be heard inside the minivan with screaming kids, so add DENALI’s SoundBomb horn to the mix. One toot will get the attention of inattentive drivers and keep them from causing you harm.


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