Aprilia Shiver LED Light Outfitting Guide

November 09 2021

The mid-sized Aprilia Shiver naked bike is an all-rounder that's comfortable and fun to ride. So, logically, you'll be riding it, a lot! Riding a Shiver can be safer and more enjoyable with LED lighting accessories from DENALI. LED lights will allow you to see more of the road ahead to keep help you safe. Equip your bike with DENALI fog lights, driving lights, DRL daytime running lights and a high intensity brake light for added conspicuity and safety. Here are some of our most popular products for the Shiver. Click on the button to shop all products that fit your new Aprilia. 

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Nobody likes to shiver on a motorcycle. It’s cold enough in New England in the spring or Washington State in the late fall that we’re reaching for our electric gear, stocking up on body layers at REI or LL Bean, and generally braving the elements to extend our riding season. So why in the world would you name your motorcycle model Shiver?

Truth is, Aprilia named the Shiver 750 for what it can do to your senses when you ride it. And it’s not an empty boast, since the Shiver’s DOHC V-twin engine makes very good power for its displacement, with plenty of torque where you need it for daily rides and the occasional track day, all mounted into a hybrid chassis—some tubular steel, some aluminum, some adamantium for all we know. Aprilia wanted the Shiver to be both a reasonable entry-level machine in its lineup, which is dominated by high-end racebike replicas and small-but-surly sportbikes and the go-to machine for mature riders who aren’t out for pole position every day. (Okay, that’s not us, either.) The most recent evolution brought the Shiver to 900cc and more grunt, as well as a new TFT instrument panel and an upgrade to the latest motor-control electronics. In this regard, Aprilia never sleeps.

We wish we could say that about drivers on the road. But they need all the help they can get keeping an eye on the pavement and you in their awareness. DENALI lighting is a key component of making yourself visible. A few options are available for the Shiver models, starting with a DENALI Articulating Clamp Mount, which will allow installation of any DENALI LED motorcycle light to the Shiver’s fork legs. Go big with the 12,000-plus-lumen D7 set or smaller with the compact S4 or long-popular D2 LED auxiliary lights, available with amber and yellow lenses, and all capable of running in two intensity modes thanks to the plug-and-play DataDim module. 

Another option is the DENALI fender mount for smaller lights (DM, D2, S4) or the DENALI DRL Illumination Packages, which combine six LEDs in a row for superb visibility on the road, and can be ordered with amber lenses. Don’t forget the back side, where you can install one or two DENALI B6 taillight modules so drivers coming up behind know your intentions.

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