Yamaha Raptor ATV LED Light Outfitting Guide

September 20 2021

The Yamaha Raptor is a perfect candidate for accessory LED lighting. You can add a single set of front pushbar lights or give your Yamaha the full treatment with rock lights, and brake lights. DENALI Electronics has you covered. Here are just a few ways to install some of our most popular products on your Yamaha.

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Yamaha Raptor ATV

Yamaha Raptor Accessories

D7 Light Pods - DNL.D7.050
Articulating Bar Clamp - LAH.00.10600.B
D4 Light Pods - DNL.D4.050
T3 Rock Lights - DNL.T3.10200

T3 Rock Lights - DNL.T3.10200
High-Power S4 Backup Lights - DNL.S4.050
B6 LED Brake Light - DNL.B6.10000

Polaris RZR Products


Yamaha Raptor ATV Lighting and Accessories

Yamaha refers to its Raptor 700 as “sport ATV royalty,” and for good reason -- in the years since its introduction in 2006, the Raptor 700 has become the industry’s best-selling sport ATV. The Raptor’s aggressive-looking exterior is a perfect match for the beast that lies within. A high-revving 686cc liquid-cooled single cylinder engine delivers massive torque to the rear wheels by way of a race-bred five-speed transmission and heavy-duty clutch. The ride is smoothed out by dual counterbalancers in the engine and YZF-inspired suspension, boasting 9.1 inches of travel up front and 10.1 inches in the rear. 

The Yamaha Raptor is designed for speed, agility, and versatility. It can take you flying through the woods just as easily as it can send you soaring over sand dunes or jumps on the track. Whether you choose the base Raptor 700 model, the Raptor 700R with its enhanced suspension, or the Raptor 700R SE with its killer graphics and GYTR performance parts, you’re getting a machine with a serious need for speed.

Yamaha includes a slick-looking pair of Krypton headlights and an LED tail light on the Raptor, but as with most sport-oriented ATVs, lighting is a bit of an afterthought. Thankfully, DENALI Electronics has a wide selection of ATV auxiliary lighting kits and mounting hardware, making it easy to add ultra-bright LED lights to your Raptor — perfect for night races, evening trail rides, and more.

For a ton of extra light up front, consider a pair of DENALI D4 LED lights. Compact, durable, and extremely bright, each of DENALI’s D4 aux lights contain four high-intensity Cree LEDs in a square-format housing. A pair of D4s puts out a stunning 8750 lumens. Channel that light through the included E-Mark Certified spot lenses, and your D4s cast a brilliant beam of light 800 feet. But that’s not your only option — DENALI’s signature TriOptic Multi-Beam Lens System means your D4 kit includes a selection of lenses, so you can tailor the beam of each D4 to suit your needs.

For the budget-minded Raptor owner, DENALI offers the S4 LED light kit. Similar in size and format to the D4 and utilizing the same high-intensity LEDs, the S4 eliminates the interchangeable lens system of the D4, opting instead for a cost saving single-piece optic. This makes the DENALI S4 one of the brightest ATV auxiliary lights on the market at its price point. Like all DENALI LED light kits, the S4 comes bundled with a powersports wiring harness that makes installation as simple as can be.

In addition to lighting up the trail ahead, DENALI is also here to help increase your Raptor’s visibility to riders behind you. Consider a pair of DENALI B6 LED Brake Lights. They can be flush-mounted to your Raptor’s plastics for a smooth, straight-from-the-factory look. The included Posi-Tap connectors make the process of tapping into your Raptor’s existing wiring as easy as screwing in a lightbulb. And, like all DENALI lights, they are built using DrySeal Submersible Waterproof housings to ensure that rain, snow, mud, and water crossings are never a problem — for your DENALI lights, at least!

DENALI has so many unique offerings for LED lighting on your Yamaha Raptor. The slim, flush-mountable DENALI DRL Visibility Lighting Kit. The tiny-but-mighty DENALI DM and D1 auxiliary lights, with their perfect blend of daytime visibility and nighttime illumination. The incredible DENALI D7, outputting 15,000 lumens per pair, making it the brightest LED light on the market under 4.5” in diameter. With so many options, DENALI Electronics is sure to have the LED aux lighting and mounting hardware you need to bring your Yamaha Raptor’s visibility and nighttime performance to the next level.

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