Triumph Tiger LED Light Outfitting Guide

September 20 2021

Triumph offers the Tiger Adventure bike in a variety of sizes. No matter if you have a Tiger 800, Tiger 900, or Tiger 1200 DENALI can help you see more of the road in front of you, and help make sure other motorists can see you! The Tiger has plenty of room for DENALI LED spotlights, fog lights, a cell phone mount, additional brake lights, or super loud Sound Bomb horn. Here are just a few ways to install some of our most popular products on your Tiger. Click on the button to shop all products that fit your Triumph. 

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Triumph Tiger LED Light Outfitting Guide

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Triumph Tiger 800/900/1200

Triumph’s development of its adventure-touring motorcycles has taken a long, serious path that has resulted in two lines and multiple submodels that represent something for everyone. From the slightly street-biased Tiger 900 GT, to the more off-road-oriented Tiger 900 Rally and on up to the massive eight-model Tiger 1200 range, which includes both cast-wheel XR versions and spoke-wheel XC iterations. Triumph apparently feels there’s no such thing as cutting the category too fine, since some of the differences are in electronics, suspension systems, and aerodynamics. Triumph even has dedicated Low models just for those riders a bit short in the inseam.

What they do share is Triumph’s version of the inline-three-cylinder engine, the mighty triple. The smaller of the two, displacing 888cc, is the Tiger 900’s engine, making at most 94 horsepower and 64 pound-feet of torque. All versions have six-speed transmissions and chain final drive. Triumph’s bigger triple, the 1215cc in the Tiger 1200, puts out 141 hp and a rollicking 90 pound-feet of torque and lets you leave the chain lube at home thanks to a shaft final drive.

Like all Triumphs, the Tiger 800, 900, and 1200 series ADV machines can be easily accessorized. For the larger 1200, DENALI has a selection of sturdy light mounts for the entire range of DENALI LED motorcycle driving lights. There’s a bike-specific mount for the 2016-2020 Explorer/1200 models that fits to the factory fairing and requires no modifications to carry anything from the DENALI D7 (with more than 15,000 lumens of light with both pods) to the super-flexible, four-beam-pattern D4, all the way to the more compact S4 LED lights. Tiger 800 and 900 models from 2010 to 2019 also get a custom-designed steel driving light mount. Plus there are several Articulating Bar Clamp mounts for use with crash guards and fork tubes.

DENALI also offers the SoundBomb horn, which can almost wake the dead (but definitely will get the attention of fellow motorists). Tiger 800 models from 2015-2018 get a custom SoundBomb mount, while the 1200/Explorer models have their own custom mount. All that, plus the DENALI B6 tail lights and DRL auxiliary lights will easily fit onto your Triumph Tiger 800, Tiger 900, or Tiger/Explorer 1200 models. It’s taken Triumph a few years to have such a broad lineup in the ADV category, so what are you waiting for?

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