Toyota FJ Cruiser LED Light Outfitting Guide

October 13 2021

The Toyota FJ Cruiser was built for off-road adventure. So are DENALI LED accessory lights! DENALI LEDs will help you see better when driving at night, on of off-road! You can add a set of fog lights or go all out with an aftermarket bumper, ditch lights, and a row of LEDs on the roof. Here are just a few ways to install some of our most popular products on your Toyota. Click on the button to shop all the universal products that fit your FJ Cruiser. 

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Toyota FJ Cruiser

Featured Toyota FJ Cruiser Accessories

D4 Light Pods - DNL.D4.050
D3 Fog Light Kit - DNL.D3..051
D7 Light Pods - DNL.D7.050

Articulating Bar Clamp - LAH.00.10600.B

Flush Mount Cargo Lights - DNL.DRL.002
High-Power S4 Backup Lights - DNL.S4.050
Flush Mount Back Up Lights  - DNL.DRL.002
Flush Mount Brake Lights  - DNL.B6.003

Polaris RZR Products

Toyota FJ Cruiser Lighting & Accessories 

Toyota FJ Cruiser

The off-road abilities of Toyota’s long line of FJ Land Cruisers might come as a surprise. In 2006, the Toyota FJ Cruiser was introduced to get back some of the off-road recreational market they had enjoyed with simple vehicles like the FJ40. The new FJ Cruiser may have shared many parts with the Tacoma and 4Runner, but it was much more like the Jeep Wrangler than a mall crawler.

Toyota’s shape and two-tone paint options for the FJ Cruiser gave it a look much like the old Land Cruisers. Limiting the body style to only a short-wheelbase two-door (with rear half doors) scared away the soccer moms but attracted anyone who ever picked their way along a narrow, rock-strewn trail. 

Under the skin was a chassis that shared suspension, power train, and more with the Tacoma, but given the formidable reputation of those trucks, it was in no way a negative. On the dashboard were a thermometer, a compass for navigating off the beaten path, and an inclinometer to let you know just how steep that canyon trail was.

This vehicle was built with long off-road trails in mind, and adding lights means you can keep going when the weather turns foul, or the sun goes down. The chunky front bumper is just begging for a quartet of DENALI D7 4.5” round LED light pods mounted to it to bring 15,000 lumens of daylight to the 1500 feet in front of you. 

Mount a pair of DR1 4” round LED pods, and S4 square LED pods to the roof, and the whole forest or desert will be lit like a flash of lightning. Wire them all up with the plug and play DataDim controller, and you can dip them with the factory high beam switch so as not to blind anyone.

For bad weather and fog, the amber-colored lenses and broad pattern of the 2.5in round D2 pods cut through the muck like a machete, and they are small enough to mount almost anywhere. Even smaller, the DM round pods, in white or amber, are easy to mount on the back so you can see while hitching your trailer or when the trail gets so tough you can’t go forward.

The little DM pods also make excellent rock spotter lights, pointed down at the trail to let you pick your way over the toughest boulders. Denali DRLs are great to flush mount anywhere, even on the running boards, to light up the ground when it comes time to disembark and go forward on foot. Because all Denali lights are LEDs, which don’t draw much power from the battery, you can use your driving light or fog light pods to light your campsite all night, too, without the worry of killing the battery.

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