BMW F900XR LED Light Outfitting Guide

September 02 2021

Your BMW XR can be outfitted with better LED lighting accessories to allow you to see more of the road ahead and help others see you better. DENALI is your source for fog lights, driving lights, DRL daytime running lights and high intensity brake lights. Here are some of our most popular products for the BMW XR. Click on the button to shop all products that fit your new BMW F900XR. 


Polaris RZR Products


Polaris RZR Products

Featured BMW F900XR DENALI Accessories

BMW F900XR Lighting & Accessories 


Let’s be honest. You don’t need 150 horsepower everywhere you go, and maybe you don’t want to pay the insurance bill that comes with a hyper-fast superbike, even one that sort of looks like an adventure bike without the knobbies. Or maybe you’re just not the show-off type, and a smooth, sneaky-fast twin-cylinder bike is what you need. That’s why BMW built the F900XR, for adventure motorcycle enthusiasts who want an engaging, comfortable, do-everything motorcycle that’s still a thrill to ride. You didn’t think there was a hole in BMW’s lineup until you saw this, right?

The F900XR might be the S1000XR’s little brother, but it’s plenty spunky, with 99 horsepower on tap, modest weight, and all the electronics you expect of a modern motorcycle: traction control, ABS, and even “adaptive cornering lights” in the headlights. That’s great, but we can make it better with the most sophisticated and powerful motorcycle driving lights available.

DENALI builds several mount styles for the F900XR, including robust aluminum fork-tube brackets with a unique design that provides unprecedented flexibility. There are also fender mounts and smaller brackets that fit onto either BMW accessory crashbars or those from the aftermarket. These brackets fit the whole DENALI line of motorcycle LED driving lights, including the so-powerful-you-might-need-a-prescription D7, which uses seven 10-watt Cree LEDs in each lamp for a truly remarkable night-riding experience. All of the DENALI driving light pods come with similar mounting schemes, so you could also choose the four-led D4 for driving lights, the compact D2 as a smaller driving light, or the super-compact DM for lower fog and visibility lights. You can also fit your F900XR with DENALI’s innovative DRL, daytime running lights, which are a huge boon for conspicuity. (In case the F900XR’s edgy styling isn’t enough.)

Like all modern BMWs, the F900XR uses CAN-BUS technology to replace individual wires with networking, which the DENALI CANsmart uses expertly to manage a whole basketful of accessories, including up to two sets of driving lights, the wake-the-dead SoundBomb horn, and the best way to help prevent getting rear-ended, the DENALI B6 tail light. CANsmart brings all these accessories together seamlessly, and makes the installation so simple it can be done in an afternoon. Professional-grade wiring harnesses with fully waterproof (and foolproof) connectors make this possible.  

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