New Motorcycle LED Lighting Technology Released at EICMA 2023 by DENALI Electronics

November 01 2023

New Motorcycle LED Lighting Technology Released at EICMA 2023 by DENALI Electronics
New Motorcycle LED Lighting Technology Released at EICMA 2023 by DENALI Electronics


Saddle up boys and girls. We are heading to EICMA 2023 to exhibit for our first time and we are bringing an absolute show-stopper! Read on to get a sneak peak of what we will be unveiling on November 7th or join us live at Booth B43 in Hall 15 at the Fiera Milano Convention Center in Milan, Italy. 


EICMA, the Esposizione Internazionale Ciclo e Motociclo, is the world's premier trade show for the motorcycle and powersports industry. Held annually in Milan, Italy, it's a global gathering where manufacturers, riders, enthusiasts, and industry professionals come together to showcase the latest innovations, unveil cutting-edge products, and celebrate the world of two-wheelers. EICMA is renowned for its role in shaping the future of motorcycling, offering a glimpse into the latest technological advancements and design trends. 


DENALI lights new product released at EICMA 2023


In true DENALI style, we have raised the bar yet again, and will be unveiling two new products featuring industry-first innovations, best-in-class performance, and  creative safety & visibility solutions. 




1. D7 PRO Dual-Beam Driving Light w/ Modular X-Lens System 

We are beyond thrilled to be unveiling the most innovative, high performing, and feature-rich 4-inch driving light ever released! Have you ever wondered what 23,000 lumens does to a dark landscape? It will blow your mind, and we haven't even started yet.

Picture the most powerful driving light ever built, then add a flood beam, and a spot beam, a DRL mode, fully dimmable circuits, and the option to change the beam shape and beam color on the fly. That's the D7 PRO, and it looks even better than it sounds. 

The D7 PRO features a split dual-circuit design that allows fully independent on/off and dim of a center flood beam and outer spot beam. Use our revolutionary DialDim Switch or CANsmart Controller to effortlessly control all lighting functions from a single halo dimmer switch or the vehicle OEM handlebar controls. 

Add to that, our patent pending X-Lens system which allows you to change the center flood or DRL beam color to white, amber, or selective yellow on-the-fly giving riders more flexibility and functionality than ever before.  

And last but not least, the D7 PRO has a "DRL Boost Mode" which allows you to run the center optics as a dim DRL or dial it up to 100% up to create a high-power flood beam. The innovative center optics can also flash in sync with your turn signals when paired with the amber X-Lenses. 

Wait is that a BMW R1300GS? Yes it is, and isn't it amazing how great minds think alike! Our X-Lens aesthetic and beefy center optic of the D7 PRO is a perfect match to the new BMW X-shaped DRL headlight. It literally looks like an OEM extension of the modern-aggressive, yet sleek, headlight that BMW choose to define the next-generation king of the adventure motorcycle segment. I wish I could say we planned that, but the reality is, we simply listen to our customers, live and breathe adventure moto, and have a strong pulse on the ever-evolving market. So is it really a coincidence when the stars align? 


DENALI T3 Safety Lighting


2. T3 Ultra-Viz 4-in-1 Safety & Visibility Lighting Kit 

We took our popular T3 modular switchback turn signal pod and invented a revolutionary mounting orientation to provide four unique functions to maximize your safety and visibility on 2 wheels.

  • Four unique functions - white DRL, amber turn signal, white rock light, and white puddle light
  • Enables 360-degree visibility of DRL and amber turn signal functions
  • Illuminates the entire side of the motorcycle when amber signal is flashing
  • Rock light - Casts bright white light around the vehicle to see trail obstacles at night
  • Puddle light - White light doubles as scene lighting allowing for safe parking and dismounting at night

Our presence at EICMA 2023 not only showcases our commitment to innovation and rider safety, but also reaffirms our status as a trailblazer in the motorcycle accessory industry. With a rapidly growing lineup of truly unique products and a willingness to provide vehicle-specific solutions to different motorcycle models, we are undoubtedly defining the future of motorcycle lighting and safety products. 

Thanks for reading and stay tuned. We will be adding to this post with news and updates live from the ground at EICMA 2023! 

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