Honda CB500X LED Light Outfitting Guide

November 09 2021

The Honda CB500X is a fun little adventure bike that'll take owners most anywhere they want to go. You can outfit your bike with options and accessories to make that ride a great one. Make DENALI LED lighting accessories part of your ride. The Honda CB can be outfitted with LED lights for added safety, allow you to see more of the road ahead, and help others see you sooner. Equip your bike with DENALI fog lights, driving lights, DRL daytime running lights and a high intensity brake light. Here are some of our most popular products for Hondas. Click on the button to shop all products that fit your new Honda CB500. 

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    Honda CB500X

    Where is it written that adventure-styled midsized motorcycles all have to look like shrunken BMW GS models? And where does it say a midsized ADV machine has to have scads of horsepower, foot-tall suspension, and pretensions of running the Paris-Dakar rally with nothing more than a change of tires and a good GPS? One of three new Hondas introduced for 2013 on a freshly baked 470cc parallel-twin engine platform was the CB500X, with styling that was more adventure-themed than the others, an upright riding position, a rakish half fairing for weather protection, and few frills beyond being an almost indestructible Honda.

    Headlining the CB-X’s street orientation, the original CB500X had cast wheels with 17-inch tires at each end, softly sprung suspension, and a single front disc brake. (ABS was optional.) While lots of customizers turned the CB-X into a rally-styled machine with knobby tires and all the farkles, the CB500X was still best as a light adventure bike, thanks to docile power and a comfortable riding position. Perfect, in other words, for touring, daily commuting, and even a few weekend jaunts to the twisty roads near you.

    Any motorcycle meant for a wide range of duties needs better lighting for riding ease and conspicuity. For the CB500X, DENALI has an exact-fit light mount that can take any of DENALI’s LED motorcycle lights, including the light DM and D2, the bigger D4, and slightly more compact and really affordable S4, and the big-momma D7, which puts enough light on the road to make you wonder if you rode all the way through to dawn. Other options include DENALI DRL (daytime running lights) attached to the front fender or the radiator guard. Engine crash guards can also carry DENALI auxiliary lights with clamp mounts that make quick work of holding any of the DENALI lights. 

    For the rear of your CB500X, get the DENALI B6 tail light, a six-element LED or, better yet, mount two on a convenient license-plate mount. Make your CB-X acoustically conspicuous with a SoundBomb horn. There’s an exact-fit DENALI mount available for the 2013-2018 CB500X, though either the full-size SoundBomb or the SoundBomb Split can be mounted to any of the CB-Xs in the line, including the 2019-and-later models with the 19-inch front wheel. Honda built the CB500X to do just about everything, which means you’ll need DENALI motorcycle accessories and auxiliary lights to bring it to full shine. 

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