BMW Signature Visibility Packages


Signature Lighting Packages


Outfit your BMW with the our Signature Safety & Visibility Package with a single click! Add forward lighting, rear lighting, and a super-loud air horn, using our plug-&-play CANsmart Controller and vehicle-specific mounts. 

Signature packages include:

  1. D7 Light Pods
  2. D2 Light Pods (w/ Selective Yellow Lenses)
  3. SoundBomb Horn
  4. B6 Brake Light (w/ plate mount)
  5. Upper Light Mount
  6. Lower Light Mount
  7. Horn Mount
  8. CANsmart Accessory Manager

Offer valid for in-person attendees of the 2023 BMW MOA Rally   


R 1250 GS


R 1250 GS ADV


R 1250 RT


K 1600 Series


F 850 GS


 F 850 GS ADV


G 310 GS